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Saturday, April 9, 2011

my senior pictures

(leather jacket, urban outfitters.  dress, karmaloop. sunglasses, urban outfitters.  boots, dr. martens. whit shirt, forever21, black sailor shorts, h&m)

my senior pictures!  i absolutely dreaded senior pictures.  i was afraid that they would turn out like those posed, cliche frames.   but, another benefit of having a sister who's a photographer, you can do whateva' you want!  we had a lot of fun.  the last picture is the one in our yearbook.  i have a bit of a lazy eye in it, but hey, nobody's perfect right?  btw, this dress was EXTREMELY short.  it's adorable in the details.  i ordered up just so it will be longer, but it still looks like it would fit a girl who's 5'2 better than it does one that's 6'1.  anyways, let me know what you think.


  1. Your senior pictures are absolutely darling! I especially love the bike one! They are so full of personality!

  2. thank you! yeah I really wanted them to show personality, not that i went to a typical studio to get them done. thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. nice pics! take a look of mine and follow!

  4. wow, awesome senior pics! Love the dress so niiice! Following :)

    xo Emma


  5. You look so pretty on your senior pics!!
    I think that have an a leather jacket is essential
    in our closets!
    Take care !
    I let you my blog :)


  6. I love all your senior pics! you are so beautifu!