"fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Resurrection of More Than Fabric

This picture is actually from Summer 2012, but it encompasses my current mood, a mixture of annoyance and suspicion.

I'm annoyed that my Summer 2013 doesn't feel like a three month vacation, but more of a continuance of the daily grind.

Suspicious of my future.  I'm currently researching MBA programs abroad and in CO and AZ.  The best programs are expensive but valuable.  Not sure if I should get work experience first and then further my degree.  I'm annoyed with the uncertainty.

Ugh.  I sound like a complaining brat.  But let's face it,  every college girl just needs to bitch it out once in a while right?  Or am I the only one?

Anyways....the basis of this post is about my restart of this blog.  The internet needs a REAL girl posting about her struggles and successes with personal style. 

 I am not wealthy, nothing you see on here will be incredibly expensive.  And I will always post the price and where I got it!