"fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the birth

I cannot fabricate a pretentious and fabulous first entry for the birth of "More Than Fabric".  So... I'm just going to "wing it".  "More Than Fabric" is a blog that will contain a mix of the wacky, the fresh, the inventive, and the tired.  By "tired" I mean, those looks that we've all seen a thousand times before in Seventeen Magazine.  We will give a "tired" alert when necessary.

 Basically, this blog is where we( Lily & Shelby) can post our opinions on fashion and pictures of our outfits.  Simple, but with our take on a fashion blogging.  If you don't like our style, move onto another blog by all means!  Blogs of "just fashion" can get a bit heavy, so we will mix in some other surprises as well.  But don't be alarmed, if you came to this blog for fashion, you will get fashion!

 Another benefit to visiting this blog is that you get a healthy dose of unrefined humor.  Yes I know, quite hard to come by.  This blog also features two bloggers, AKA two senses of style.  We are always evolving with our writing habits and style, consistently inconsistent, so you won't get bored easily.  You are going to get so full on this fashion blog that you're going to puke.

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