"fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Friday, April 29, 2011

baby im back

(long sleeve chiffon blouse, Urban Outfitters.  jeans, AE.  boots, durango.  jean jacket, old navy.  lace tank, urban outfitters.  skirt, charlotte russe)

 you will read that i complain a lot about the heat (another reason why i'm moving to a colder climate).  it's getting too hot here as it usually does when april fades to may and the northern hemisphere is more direct to the sun.  but oddly enough, the sun is farther in the summer and closer in the winter.  strange, i know ( really i do, i'm 17 and i think i know everything).

my knee is recovering.  a long road of physical therapy ahead of me.  on top of that i got strep throat this week.  i have missed almost three weeks of school. gag me.  graduation is almost here so i'm in a race to catch up. 

my graduation dress arrived!  it's by j.crew with a j.crew belt.  i have to get it taken in, so pictures will be after the alteration. 

im a bit bored now, so i think i'm going to go inhale some ice cream cake. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

i'll be gone for a while

 don't fret! i will be back soon.  i'm getting surgery tomorrow so i wont be posting for a week.  i'm getting knee surgery so i will be living in nike shorts.  the athlete inside loves it, but the style part of me loathes it.  so many cute clothes i want to wear!  but anyways, lily will still be on here, so it won't turn into a "ghostblog".   but by tuesday next week i will post again so make sure to check in from time to time.  wish me luck on the surgery.  farewell friends!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

my senior pictures

(leather jacket, urban outfitters.  dress, karmaloop. sunglasses, urban outfitters.  boots, dr. martens. whit shirt, forever21, black sailor shorts, h&m)

my senior pictures!  i absolutely dreaded senior pictures.  i was afraid that they would turn out like those posed, cliche frames.   but, another benefit of having a sister who's a photographer, you can do whateva' you want!  we had a lot of fun.  the last picture is the one in our yearbook.  i have a bit of a lazy eye in it, but hey, nobody's perfect right?  btw, this dress was EXTREMELY short.  it's adorable in the details.  i ordered up just so it will be longer, but it still looks like it would fit a girl who's 5'2 better than it does one that's 6'1.  anyways, let me know what you think.

Friday, April 8, 2011


pink skirt, a gift. tie die skirt worn as a shirt, trendz.  jean jacket, old navy.  lavender slip, urban outfitters.  green flyaway sweater, target.  1985 chevy truck

Summer is upon us. The flowy floral pattern dresses. And the oh-so-wonderful sandal. I'm so in love with this look. The pink skirt is SO old and is from my grandma. Yes, I said my grandma. She had some style, this is for sure. Its as laid back as a skirt can get and I so love it. Ultimate favorite: The lavender slip get-up. An odd mysterious look that I'm infatuated with. I'm so ready for this summer season. Gahh!


friday attire

blazer, urban outfitters.  blouse, promod.  necklace, a gift.  bracelet, a gift.

so this was my outfit today(except for my red blowfish flats that i was wearing and ae jeans).  fairly simple, perfect for a friday.  but i must admit my obsession for this bracelet!  in the details, each bead looks like an egyptian beetle, on reverse it has "hyroglyphic" inscriptions. i'm not sure what the chain is for, but then again i don't care. i love frivolous details.  sorry for the crap quality cell phone picture, i couldn't help myself. i cave into the hilarity of the infamous "bathroom pic".


here comes the sun

(cover up, aka a white dress; Target, $30)

these are the times when one can never wear enough deodorant.  when one feels self-conscious while lying on the beach in a swimsuit frying their skin with uv rays.  when one forgets what it feels like to be cold.  summer is coming.  i'm not sure what it's like in other places, but here in the southwest, it.gets.hot.  scorching hot actually.  i have no doubt in my mind that you could fry an egg on a rock in early july.  we're talking 115 degrees at some points. 

anyways, these pictures are actually from last summer, but they sort of sum up that "summer feel" for me because I remember the night so vividly.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

the birth

I cannot fabricate a pretentious and fabulous first entry for the birth of "More Than Fabric".  So... I'm just going to "wing it".  "More Than Fabric" is a blog that will contain a mix of the wacky, the fresh, the inventive, and the tired.  By "tired" I mean, those looks that we've all seen a thousand times before in Seventeen Magazine.  We will give a "tired" alert when necessary.

 Basically, this blog is where we( Lily & Shelby) can post our opinions on fashion and pictures of our outfits.  Simple, but with our take on a fashion blogging.  If you don't like our style, move onto another blog by all means!  Blogs of "just fashion" can get a bit heavy, so we will mix in some other surprises as well.  But don't be alarmed, if you came to this blog for fashion, you will get fashion!

 Another benefit to visiting this blog is that you get a healthy dose of unrefined humor.  Yes I know, quite hard to come by.  This blog also features two bloggers, AKA two senses of style.  We are always evolving with our writing habits and style, consistently inconsistent, so you won't get bored easily.  You are going to get so full on this fashion blog that you're going to puke.