"fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Friday, April 8, 2011

here comes the sun

(cover up, aka a white dress; Target, $30)

these are the times when one can never wear enough deodorant.  when one feels self-conscious while lying on the beach in a swimsuit frying their skin with uv rays.  when one forgets what it feels like to be cold.  summer is coming.  i'm not sure what it's like in other places, but here in the southwest, it.gets.hot.  scorching hot actually.  i have no doubt in my mind that you could fry an egg on a rock in early july.  we're talking 115 degrees at some points. 

anyways, these pictures are actually from last summer, but they sort of sum up that "summer feel" for me because I remember the night so vividly.


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