"fashion fades, only style remains the same" - Coco Chanel

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Resurrection of More Than Fabric

This picture is actually from Summer 2012, but it encompasses my current mood, a mixture of annoyance and suspicion.

I'm annoyed that my Summer 2013 doesn't feel like a three month vacation, but more of a continuance of the daily grind.

Suspicious of my future.  I'm currently researching MBA programs abroad and in CO and AZ.  The best programs are expensive but valuable.  Not sure if I should get work experience first and then further my degree.  I'm annoyed with the uncertainty.

Ugh.  I sound like a complaining brat.  But let's face it,  every college girl just needs to bitch it out once in a while right?  Or am I the only one?

Anyways....the basis of this post is about my restart of this blog.  The internet needs a REAL girl posting about her struggles and successes with personal style. 

 I am not wealthy, nothing you see on here will be incredibly expensive.  And I will always post the price and where I got it!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

boots and boys

my new obsession, i'm in the market for some before college starts.  i fell in love with my dr. martens but now i want some new boots.  i can't quite decide between brown or black.  i love black, but brown might look better with all the navy tops that seem to be taking over my closet.  i always shop in the summer for jackets and boots because they're usually cheaper off season.  if you have any suggestions for boots, let me know!  they must come in a size 12 though.  i know, my feet are huge...

Friday, June 10, 2011


(jacket, urban outfitters.  shirt, karmaloop.  skirt, h&m.  shoes, alloy)

This is the result of summer days spent doing nothing.  The only good that came of taking these pictures, is that I finally found a use for our Nascar themed basement.  Yes, Nascar (my father's doing).  That's it for now!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


                                   on lily( dress, alloy)  on shelby( dress, j.crew.  belt, j.crew)
I've finally graduated! I can't believe it's over and I'm very excited to move to Durango and start college. I refuse to believe my best days are behind me.  I refuse!  I'm sorry it has been so long since I've been on here, many challenges in life lately.  But I'm back and I plan on posting regularly.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Summer!

Friday, April 29, 2011

baby im back

(long sleeve chiffon blouse, Urban Outfitters.  jeans, AE.  boots, durango.  jean jacket, old navy.  lace tank, urban outfitters.  skirt, charlotte russe)

 you will read that i complain a lot about the heat (another reason why i'm moving to a colder climate).  it's getting too hot here as it usually does when april fades to may and the northern hemisphere is more direct to the sun.  but oddly enough, the sun is farther in the summer and closer in the winter.  strange, i know ( really i do, i'm 17 and i think i know everything).

my knee is recovering.  a long road of physical therapy ahead of me.  on top of that i got strep throat this week.  i have missed almost three weeks of school. gag me.  graduation is almost here so i'm in a race to catch up. 

my graduation dress arrived!  it's by j.crew with a j.crew belt.  i have to get it taken in, so pictures will be after the alteration. 

im a bit bored now, so i think i'm going to go inhale some ice cream cake. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

i'll be gone for a while

 don't fret! i will be back soon.  i'm getting surgery tomorrow so i wont be posting for a week.  i'm getting knee surgery so i will be living in nike shorts.  the athlete inside loves it, but the style part of me loathes it.  so many cute clothes i want to wear!  but anyways, lily will still be on here, so it won't turn into a "ghostblog".   but by tuesday next week i will post again so make sure to check in from time to time.  wish me luck on the surgery.  farewell friends!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

my senior pictures

(leather jacket, urban outfitters.  dress, karmaloop. sunglasses, urban outfitters.  boots, dr. martens. whit shirt, forever21, black sailor shorts, h&m)

my senior pictures!  i absolutely dreaded senior pictures.  i was afraid that they would turn out like those posed, cliche frames.   but, another benefit of having a sister who's a photographer, you can do whateva' you want!  we had a lot of fun.  the last picture is the one in our yearbook.  i have a bit of a lazy eye in it, but hey, nobody's perfect right?  btw, this dress was EXTREMELY short.  it's adorable in the details.  i ordered up just so it will be longer, but it still looks like it would fit a girl who's 5'2 better than it does one that's 6'1.  anyways, let me know what you think.